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Heavy Duty Lockable Chain Lead

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The Lead+ lockable chain lead protects dog from theft and straying. The lock doubles as snaphook (attach to collar or harness) when walking your dog and secure to the chain itself when you have to leave the dog unattended. The resettable combination lock makes it easy for you to set your memorable 3-digit numbers. Adjustable to fit all neck sizes.


Set a new combination lock: (1) For new lock, turn dials to 0-0-0. Press down the combination lock and push it outward to unlock. (2) Using a pin, hold down the black button (at the centre of the lock) and set your own combination by turning the dials. (3) Return the combination lock to the close position and the setting is complete.

Secure your pet: (1) Remove the combination lock from the chain lead. (2) Loop the chain over a fixed post or rail, and through the metal ring of the lead. (3) Re-attach the combination lock to the free end of the chain lead and loop the chain through the pet neck. (4) Anchor the combination lock to the chain itself and turn the dials a few times to lock.


150cm in length