ICE id Tag

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Great for attaching to yourslef or your horse  should you be separted whilst riding, running or cycling

Contains a sticker for your helmet and a tag for your jacket or can attach to your horse with vet information.

It starts with the unique QR code you see on the ICEid tag or sticker. The QR code contains an encoded URL or web page address. When the QR code is scanned by a QR or barcode reading app on a smartphone, the smartphone's browser is opened to the encoded URL - your Emergency Contact Record.

How does it work 

The ICEid™ system allows you to create a personalised Emergency Contact Record. You decide what is and is not included. You might include a single emergency contact or you might have several. You might include information about food allergies or other medical conditions. Once you save that information it is stored securely in our database. The information is NEVER given out or used in any way except to display your personal Emergency Contact Record.

After you enter your Emergency Contact Details, you activate your tag. This ties the unique reference of the tag to your Emergency Contact Record.

How is it used

If the worst happens and you have an accident or are otherwise incapcitated, your ICEid™ tag speaks for you. Emergency personnel (first responders) are trained to look for ICE or "In Case of Emergency" details. The easily recognised design of the ICEid™ tag ensures first responders will notice it. Once they do, they will scan the QR code and instantly get the Emergency Contact Record information you stored.

If they don't have a QR reader app on their phone, they can just launch their browser app and type in the simple URL: and then type in the unique reference found on the front of your ICEid tag.