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Poultice Pack with three vet wraps

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1x Poultice

3 x wrap

The poultice is a super-absorbent material dressing made from needled cotton wool. Combining active ingredients proven to reduce inflammation when hot, and stem bleeding when dry, the Animalintex dressing is a versatile equine care product, licensed for a range of wounds and injuries.

Anti-inflammatory and poulticing, the dressing is the must have product for all tack boxes and trailers, should injury every occur. Self-adhesive and plastic-backed, the poultice can be applied with ease, making it highly practical, strong and durable.

One of the most versatile of all horse healthcare products, Poultice can be applied either as a wet hot or cold poultice or as a dry dressing, depending on the needs of the particular situation.


Hot Poulticing:

Thoroughly clean area to be treated

  • Cut Poultice to the size required allowing generous excess around the area to be treated. Place the remainder back in the bag for later use


  • Apply the poultice with the plastic side uppermost in a shallow tray. (Do not use a bucket unless it has been very carefully cleansed first)




  • Use boiled water that has been allowed to cool to 38C and pour the water into the tray around the edges of the Poultice. Do not submerge.


  • When saturated, take out and gently hand squeeze out more water so the poultice is damp rather than wet


  • Place on the affected area with the plastic side on the outside, moulding Animalintex to the contours of the body


  • Hold in place with a bandage making sure the poultice is completely covered.


Cold Poulticing:

Follow the same procedure as above but using boiled water that has been allowed to cool thoroughly before pouring. When the poultice is saturated, squeeze our excess water and apply cold to the affected area.

Dry Dressing:

After cleaning the area, apply the dressing directly then bandage. Used dry, Poultice may be used several times and still retain its effectiveness.