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Club Brushing Boots

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Woof Wear’s Club boot is the best-selling all-purpose brushing boot in the UK. What makes it so popular amongst riders from all disciplines and backgrounds?

The boots are made from 5.5 mm PX closed cell foam neoprene, a material that Woof Wear helped to develop for the field of equestrian sports. It’s lightweight and keeps its flexibility even when wet, since neoprene’s cell construction means it doesn’t retain water.

The strike pad has additional padding to make it extremely hard-wearing and shock absorbing, keeping your horse’s legs fully protected against knocks and brushing injuries.

The very durable boots are designed for use on both front and hind legs. The recess stitching means the boots last longer too, which is one of the frequently mentioned plus points by satisfied users.

Plus, the big range of base and strap colours means the boots look fantastic on their own, or can be mixed and matched with other Woof Wear products such as saddle cloths, shirts and hat covers.


  • Boots can be used on either front or back legs
  • Recessed stitching lengthens the life of boots
  • Tough, hard wearing strike pad with extra padding for improved protection against knocks
  • Do not retain water so remain light and flexible on horse’s legs in wet conditions
  • Pair of brushing boots made from 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene
  • Machine wash at 30°C followed by gentle spin cycle
  • Range of colours available for co-ordinating with other competition items